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British forces in Cyprus (See link below for info on importing a tax-free car into Cyprus)

The island of Cyprus has attracted travellers for more than 10,000 years. Lying in the Mediterranean close to Syria, Lebanon and Israel, it is geographically almost in the Middle East, but distinctively European.


Being so close to the Middle East, which seems to be in a constant state of turmoil, there is every chance that you'll be away from Cyprus for months at a time.

While you're away doing your job, it'd be nice to know that your wife and kids are able to get around in a reliable, safe new car, with a valid warranty.

The alternative would probably be a recycled old car, either bought from someone leaving or supplied through your local dealer. Possibly liable to break down, and with all the expense and inconvenience that goes with an old car in Cyprus.

If you decide to buy a new car when in Cyprus, you would be well advised to ship it over from the UK, as cars first registered in Cyprus are considered as imports when exported to the UK at the end of your tour, and worth around 20% less than an equivalent UK-registered car. (There can also be problems when getting it registered in the UK).

We specialise in supplying new, tax-free cars, with big Military Discounts, shipped from the UK to Cyprus. We help you through the collection and registration process, and take care of all the paperwork.

Before buying a new, tax-free car in UK for shipping to Cyprus, you need to know:

Which makes give the best Military Discount? (We can advise best deals, and the most generous dealers).

Will the supplier ship the car out to you in Cyprus, or will you have to go and collect it yourself from their UK   showrooms?   (Some will, some won't, we know which is which).

Will they charge to deliver your car to the docks, and if so, how much? (Some don't charge anything, others £200 or more).

Will they include the cost of shipping and marine insurance in the car's invoice? (Otherwise you'll have to pay VAT on the shipping).

Is there any excess to pay on the marine insurance, in the event of a claim? (Not with our shippers!).

What happens when your car arrives at Limassol? (We will collect you from your home/base or meet you at the port and guide you through the whole process).

Can you get finance for your new, tax-free car in Cyprus? Yes, we can arrange finance, subject to status, through a UK finance company. And you can sign the finance docs in Cyprus. (Some suppliers insist that you return to the UK to sign your finance docs).


Stan Bateman, who founded Advanced Car Exports in May 1979, now lives in Pissouri, 20 mins from Episkopi. Mobile telephone number 00357 97 67 35 76.   

Click for procedure on importing a new, tax-free car from UK to Cyprus.



We are advised that British Forces attached to UNFICYP in Nicosia are currently excluded by the Cyprus Government from being able to register a duty-free car in Cyprus. This ruling is being challenged, but unlikely to be reversed anytime soon.


                   New road tax charges from 1 Jan 2014:

Emissions of 0-120 g/km... €0.50 per gramme

                    121-180 g/km.... €3.00 per gramme

                    over 180 g/km....€8.00 per gramme

eg. If you have a car of 150 g/km, you will pay 120 x 0.50 = €60, plus 30 x 3 = €90,               Total = €150 (for 12 months)

      If you have a car of 174 g/km, you will pay 120 x 0.50 = €60, plus 54 x 3 = €162,               Total  =  €222 (for 12 months)

                 REGISTRATION FEE remains at €150 per vehicle.